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WECU Championship 2016 – Fourth & Final Day

The Final round began at 10 am on Easter Monday. After his gentle draw against Rudd in the previous round Arkell was not inclined to offer any more, lest he be caught, so steered through to a risk-free win against Fallowfield. On Bd. 2 Broek played an Evans Gambit against Rudd, and the two rattled out the opening 12 moves in just a few minutes, at which point Broek forced the win of the exchange, and it was game on. The price the Dutchman paid for that was having his queen trapped in a corner for 22 moves, but held his nerve and eventually won more material, until Black resigned a whole rook down.

The full results were as follows:-

69th WECU Congress 2016:  25th – 28th March  -  Exmouth.
Winners’ List
Name Rating Club score £
1st K. C. Arkell 2451 Cheddleton 400
2nd R. J. McMichael 2189 King’s Head 6 200
3rd= J. R. Fallowfeld 2112 Stourbridge 25
A. P. Smith 2127 Bourne End 25
T. Broek 2180 Wisver Turen ND 25
S. P. Dilleigh 2072 Horfield 25
GP J. F. S. Menadue 2021 Truro 30
Arkell receives  WECU Championship Cup.   Menadue receives the British Championship QP
Major (U-1950)
1st I. S. Annetts 1875 Tiverton 200
2nd= J. McDonnell 1942 Streatham 5 75
J. Forster 1809 Southbourne 5 75
GP J. Nyman 1794 King’s Head 30
Junior Prize L. Hafsted 1413 Exeter Juniors 4 30
Minor  (U-135 ECF)
1st J. Stone 100e Horley 7 50
2nd R. Whittington 132 Exeter Juniors 5 100
3rd= K. Alexander 131 Seaton 25
M. Roberts 132 Holmes Chapel 25
N. Dicker 128 Glastonbury 25
G. Taylor 128 Gloucester 25
G. Neil 124 Nomads 25
P. Foster 123 Medway 25
V. Jamroz 123 Kent Juniors 25
G. Parfett 119 Athenaeum 25
GP A. Richards 121 Cheltenham 4 30

WECU Treasurer, Oliver Wensley, presents Jacqui Barber-Lafon with the Ladies Championship Cup.

The Ladies Champion presents Keith Arkell with the main trophy.

Richard McMichael - clear 2nd

The ungraded J. Stone, won the Minor - the only player to score 7/7.