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100th British – Rd. 4

What do these reprobates all have in common?

This gang of ne’er-do-wells was discovered lurking near the entrance to the venue shortly before the start of Rd. 4.

Answer/s to the above question are:-

(a) They are all playing in the 100th British Championship.

(b) They are all currently resident in Devon.

l-r: Alan Brusey (Newton Abbot); Robert Thompson (Kingskerswell); John Stephens (Exmouth); IM Gary Lane (Paignton / Sydney); GM Keith Arkell (Paignton); IM Jack Rudd (Bideford) & Steve Homer (Powderham). 

Missing is Dominic Mackle (Newton Abbot), making a total of 8 - surely some kind of record.

Before play started, there were prizes to be presented to the winners of the problem-solving competition the evening before. This comprised of 6 positions with 5 points available for each, the proceedings overseen by GM Christopher Jones. Prizewinner were announced by Lara Barnes and cheques handed over by Alex McFarlane.

Four solvers got the maximum 30 points, and the tie-break was the speed of correct solving.

4th in 60 minutes Peter Horlock. (£10)

3rd in 38 minutes John Lawrence of Paignton (£15)

2nd in 36 minutes Ali Jaunooby (£20)

1st in 34 minutes Giles Body of Lympstone Nr. Exmouth (£30)

Ali Jaunooby - Runner-Up in the Problem-Solving Tourney.

Giles Body receives his winner's cheque.

Rd. 4. Howell (3) vs Zhou (3)

Rd. 4. Gordon (3) vs Fernandez (3)

Rd. 4: Gormally (3) vs Kosten (2.5)


Rd. 4: Palliser (2.5) vs Hebden (2.5)

Rd. 4: Chapman (2.5) vs Hawkins (2.5)

Bd White     Black    
1 Howell 1 0 Zhou 73 Winning move an example of the power of the check.
2 Gordon 1 0 Fernandez 49 Finely-balanced endgame with 2 pawns each, symmetrically arranged.
3 Gormally 0 1 Kosten 21 A short sharp win for Black.
4 Palliser 0 1 Hebden 40 Black’s central 4 pawn mass decided the outcome.  
5 Chapman ½ ½ Hawkins 22 White’s excellent start to the campaign continues.

These top 5 games finished like this, with a bit of everything in the mix – 2 Black wins; 2 White wins; 2 miniatures; 2 finely-balanced endgames and a short draw.  Howell, Gordon and Hebden are intent on setting a hot pace, while Chapman is also having an excellent start to the week.

The Palliser-Hebden game started at a great lick, but at the end White’s 3 remaining pieces were all on the edge of the board, unable to cope with a phalanx of 4 central pawns all shuffling forward with menacing intent.

As can be seen in the above photograph, Fernandez seems to spend a lot of time throughout the game, calmly gazing into the middle distance when it’s his move.