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Devon II vs Dorset (16.10.2010.)

 The picturesque village of Luppitt, tucked away in a steep-sided valley in the Blackdown Hills near Honiton, has become a regular venue in recent years for this annual WECU Division 2 match between neighbouring counties. The Village Hall there, with its clean spacious rooms, ample parking and rural quiet makes an idyllic setting.

Both Captains were hampered by the unavailability of team regulars, but Devon’s Brian Hewson had the greater reserve-pool to draw on and gave the Devon team a fresh look as almost half the team had not represented their county before at this level – the Devon Debutantes are asterisked below and scored 5½ of the 7 points available to them. Dorset were consequently outgraded on all 16 boards and a big win for Devon was not surprising, though several Dorset players fought well to get results from unpromising positions.

Bd. Devon II Grd     Dorset   
1 C. V. Howard 158 ½ ½ M. Littleton 151
2 B. G. Gosling 156 ½ ½ W. Legg 151
3 S . Clarke * 155 ½ ½ P. Wilcock 149
4 O. J. Demerger * 157 1 0 C. E. Winch 146
5 J. V. Morrison 152 0 1 D. J. Cornes 144
6 P. J. Kennedy 151 ½ ½ P. Brackner 138
7 J. G. Gorodi 150 1 0 D. Aldwinckle 139
8 A. J. Billings * 148 1 0 T. Joyce 137
9 M. H. Stinton 149 ½ ½ W. J. Kelly 131
10 P. E. Halmkin 148 1 0 M. Rogan 131
11 J. Leung * 145 1 0 J. May 124
12 J. Munsey * 146 0 1 K. C. Spooner 116
13 K. R. Alexander * 146 1 0 J. M. George 116
14 R. H. Jones 138 ½ ½ J. E. Balem 115
15 F. Sugden * 127 1 0 M. Fielding 109
16 T. Tatam 127 1 0 N. Mackie 100
  Totals   11 5    

 The new faces may be spotted below…..

The top boards waiting for the starting pistol.

Bds. 8 - 1 commence hostilities.

Tony Tatam (l) vs Norman Mackie

Dorset Captain, John Kelly, (l) chats with Mike Stinton-Brownbridge

Devon Debutante, Oliver Demerger, on his way to a win against former Somerset stalwart Colin Winch.

Devon players, Jon Munsey, Jeff Leung, Peter Halmkin & Mike Stinton-Brownbridge.

New Venue For Dorset Congress (16.10.2010.)

After a two year gap, the Dorset Congress resumed last weekend at its new venue, the Bournemouth International Hotel.

The prizewinners were:

Open Section: 1st A. Pleasants (Weymouth); 2nd= M. Yeo (Lymington); D. Bennett (Bristol) & K. Gregory (Cosham). Grading prize (U-180) G. P. Taylor (Gloucester).

Major (U-160): 1st= M. Bush (Wantage); B. O’Gorman (DHSS); R. Greatorex (Llangollen); R. Desmedt (Netherton); I. Matthew (Portsmouth) & M. Potter. Grading prize (U-146) J. Nielsen (Wimborne).

Minor (U-135): 1st= T. Crouch (King’s Head) & R. W. Walker (Belper). 3rd= R. Newton (Winchester); J. Lowther (Bournemouth) & R. Hunt (Bognor).

Grading prize (U-120) A. Primett (Southbourne); K. Spooner (Wimbourne) & S. Billett (Portsmouth). (U-105) D. Holland (Southbourne) & G. B. Chapman (Bury St. Edmunds).

The next event in the area is the 11th Beacon Seniors Congress in Exmouth from Monday to Friday 8th–12th November. With entries limited to 90 and currently approaching 60, it is time to get entries in before it’s too late. For details contact R. H. Jones on 01395-223340 or entry forms may be downloaded from the chessdevon website.

This game from the 2004 Paignton Congress shows how the winner, although noted for long games, is quite capable of quick wins.

White: J. Wheeler (2209). Black: K. Arkell (2489).

Queen’s Indian Defence [E13]

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4.Nc3 Bb4 5.Bg5 Bb7 6.e3 Bxc3+ 7.bxc3 d6 8.Bd3 Nbd7 9.0–0 h6 10.Bh4 g5 11.Bg3 Ne4 12.Nd2

 The knight looks poised to do some mischief but Black opts to continue the pawn storm. 12…f5 13.f3 13…Nxg3 14.hxg3 Qe7 15.e4 f4 16.e5 dxe5 17.Bg6+ Kf8 18.Qe2 fxg3! The mating net is closing in. 19.dxe5 Qc5+ 20.Kh1 Qxe5 21.Be4?? Necessary was 21.Qxe5 Nxe5 22.Be4 Rb8 23.Bxb7 Rxb7 24.Rae1 21…Qf4 0-1.It’s death on the dark squares – mate via h4, h2 and h1 is inescapable.

Last week’s game ended quickly after 1.Qg7+ Rxg7 (forced) 2.e6+ Kh8 (forced) 3.exd8=Q mate.

This week’s amusing 2-mover was submitted by the American scholar A. C. White in 1906 to the BCM Editor, who commented that “it represents in a most satisfactory way the outlines and solidity of the great Egyptian pyramid, showing the old black king (Cheops) in his tomb at the very centre of it”. The composer admitted that “the four knights are rather anomalous as the Arabian horses stick to the cultivated parts of Egypt and only camels get out in the desert.”

White to play and mate in 2