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12th Beacon Seniors Day 2

Numbers were boosted today as 4 players who had claimed byes for Rd. 1 arrived ready for combat.

Among the announcements at the start was a plug for Brian Gosling’s  recent publication – a book on the life and work of the 19th century pioneer of problem composition, John Brown of Bridport in Dorset. He has spent c. 2 years researching his life and collecting his work and has produced the definitive biography of the man usually known as “J. B. of Bridport”. There were several copies on the bookstall and Brian was happy to sign any copies purchased, making them collectors’ items of the future.

Once play got under way, some close tussles ensued, ending as follows.

Seniors      Rd. 2      
Dodgson, J ½ ½ Gamble, R.
Everson, R. J. ½ ½ Price, A
Wiltshire, M. 1 0 Velker, W
Carr, C 1 0 Elwood, D
Jones, R. H. 0 1 Footner, A. F.
Openshaw, D 1 0 Lucas, P.
Parfett, G. 0 1 Page, M.
Annetts, I. S 1 0 Naldrett, G. W.
Tidy, N. F. ½ ½ Adams, M. W.
Norman, D. ½ ½ Dean, J.
Welch, H 0 1 Gosling, B. E.
Sherriff, A. J. 1 0 Ross, B.
Burt, D. F. 0 1 Sandercock, E. B.
O’Grady, J. 0 1 Roberts, M.
Ryan, R. A. 0 1 Dicker, N.
Hurn, R. ½ ½ Kaye, M.
Carrick, P. 0 1 Cranmer, S.
Wiggins, A. S. 1 0 O’Rourke, K
Waters, R. G. 1 0 Patching, G. R.
Jenkins, G. J. 1 0 Cox, M.
Herschmann, H 1 0 Cox, R.
Purry, N 1 0 Moloney, T.
Gordon, P 0 1 Footner, J.

 When ready, Rd. 2 games will come in 2 parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

All “Junior” gms:

Local chess author, Brian Gosling, in play against Seaton's Hazel Welch.

Mike Wiltshire backs up his excellent Rd. 1 win against Footner, with another against bearded Dutchman Wim Vender.

Top 2 bds (both drawn): Dodson v Gamble (nearest) & Everson v Price.

After a 1 pt bye in Rd. 1, John Ariss has to face the top seed, Jonathan Wells.

Jenkins v Cox (nearest); Waters v Patching; Wiggins v O'Rourke & Carrick v Cranmer.

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