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11th Beacon Seniors Congress – Day 4

Round 4 of a 5 round tournament is getting to the sharp end of the process. At the start of the round there were no less than 20 players either in the lead or half a point shy of it, any of whom stood a chance of becoming overall winner, providing they could conjure up a win-win finish. The 6 on 2.5 were paired as follows: Footner J vs Ken Norman; Dodgson vs Openshaw and Everson vs Stimpson. The 14 on 2/3 pts were paired thus: Footner A vs Hurn; Carr vs Burt; Wood vs Velker; Rixon vs Annetts; Scown vs Hazel Welch; Wojcik vs Hibbitt and Ross vs Stuttard.

At the end of the day, many games finished decisively, with wins by Dodgson, Stimpson and Footner J keeping them at the head of the field on 3.5.  Behind them on 3 points are Footner A; Carr, Rixon; Stuttard and Hazel Welch, who is having a wonderful tournament.

The top 2 games for the final round are Stimpson vs Dodgson and Stuttard vs Footner J.

In the “Junior” Section the day ended with a triple tie for the lead, between Bartlett, Brusey and Yeo. Ronnie Burton is alone on 2.5 points. The draw for Rd. 5 is Yeo vs Brusey and Bartlett vs Sellwood and the overall “Junior” winner will come from one of these 4.

At the end of the evening I was able to confirm the hotel booking for 2011.

So, the 12th Beacon Seniors Congress will start on Monday 7th November 2011. 

Ken Norman replies to John Footner's opening move on Bd. 1


John Dodgson plays David Openshaw (foreground) and Everson plays Stimpson.


The chasing group headed by Chris Carr against Dave Burt.

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