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11th Beacon Seniors Congress – Day 2

The day started badly, being cold, wet andthe rocks on the other side of the estuary. Fortunately, the weather eased as the morning progressed.

Among the early arrivals was the familiar face of Mike Wiltshire from Kent, but who has family in the town. He told me he had recently been appointed President of the world-wide organisation, Chess Collectors International. At their last gathering, the out-going President, the German Dr. Tomas Thomsen, had said in his farewell speech that the role demanded at least 2 out of 3 qualities; being a good organiser, good-looking and a dumbo. He felt Mike was therefore fully qualified as he passed two tests – the first two, of course. At their “Bring-and-Buy” sale, he had purchased a Jacques box that contained one of the first 100 of their Staunton sets, thus being signed by Staunton himself. After this, they soon became so popular that they resorted to an ink stamp for the Staunton signature.

In the “Junior” section, Mike Yeo was again held to a draw, this time by Simon Bartlett, with the only decisive games being Sellwood’s win over John Ariss and local player Dave Rogers’ win over Malcolm Roberts.

  White     Black
1 Colin Sellwood 1 0 John Ariss
2 Mike Yeo ½ ½ Simon Bartlett
3 Ian McAllan ½ ½ Alan Brusey
4 Steve Dean ½ ½ Ronnie Burton
5 Malcolm Roberts 0 1 Dave Rogers

In the Seniors Section, the 53 players were quickly whittled down to only 2 remaining on 2/2 with only one drawish-looking game lingering on. These were John Dodgson who beat Malcolm Page and John Footner who beat Andrew Price. These were followed by a raft of players on 1.5/2, these being (in alphabetical order) Dave Burt, Andrew Footner, Bob Hurn, Peter Lucas, Ken Norman, Dave Openshaw, Brian Ross, John Shaddick, Terry Stuttard and Wim Velker of Leusden, Holland.

The rest are hoping for better things tomorrow – and the day after….

General view of the playing area after start of play.

The whole of the "Junior" section.

(foreground) Yeo vs Bartlett & McAllan vs Brusey.

Top game in the Seniors: Wim Velker vs Ken Norman (drawn)

Mike Wiltshire, new President of Chess Collectors International. Here managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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