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11th Beacon Seniors Congress – 5th & Final Day

The round got off to its usual start with a few words to the assembled players. It was announced that the hotel had been booked for the 2011 seniors congress and rooms could be booked with immediate effect. Everyone thanked the Arbiter, Ewart Smith, with a warm round of applause and his wife Pearl was presented with a signed copy of the recent publication, A History of the Paignton Congress, which they had both attended in September.

The wallcharts showed an overnight  triple-tie for the lead in the “Junior” section between Mike Yeo, Simon Bartlett and Alan Brusy on 3 pts with Ronnie Burton a half point behind and no-else in contention.

  White       Black  
1 M. Yeo (3) 1 0 A. W. Brusey (3)
2 S. Bartlett (3) ½ ½ C. Sellwood (1½)
3 R. Burton (2½) ½ ½ M. Roberts (1½)
4 S. Dean (1½) ½ ½ D. Rogers (1½)
5 I. McAllan (1½) 1 0 J. Ariss (1)

The first prize was determined after 30 mins when Alan Brusey failed to turn up for the 10 a.m. start and had to be defaulted, guaranteeing Yeo at least a share of 1st place. This is the 2nd time a senior DCCA officer has missed the earlier start of a final round this autumn, which probably cost them prize-money. It was left to Simon Bartlett to see if he could catch Yeo by beating his fellow Cornishman, Colin Sellwood. For much of the game it looked as if he would succeed as he pressed hard, but Sellwood managed to wriggle out and a draw was agreed. At least Bartlett was clear 2nd. Burton’s draw secured him the U-160 Grading Prize.

The Seniors section, with over 5X the number of participants, was a more complicated position, there being 8 players with a chance of sharing 1st place. Their fortunes went as follows:-

  White       Black  
1 P. Stimpson (3½) ½ ½ J. Dodgson (3½)
2 T. Stuttard (3) 1 0 J. Footner (3½)
3 H. Welch (3) 0 1 C. Carr (3)
4 T. Rixon (3) 0 1 A. Footner (3)

Stimpson & Dodgson settled for a painless draw, knowing only John Footner could overtake them. But he lost in a complicated position. John’s brother, Andrew, made amends by beating Rixon and joining the other two on 4 points, which was now going to be the winning score. It remained to see how Hazel Welch, who had been having a magnificent tournament, would fare against Chris Carr. She was holding a drawn ending until most other games were finished, but with only a rook and pawns each she finally had to give way. Nevertheless her overall performance gave her the U-116 Grading Prize. So five of the eight in the chart above came 1st=. The full results as follows (all scores out of 5):

Junior Tournament.

1st M. Yeo (Wessex)      4                           £65.00

2nd S. Bartlett (N. Cornwall) 3½           £45.00

Grading prize (U-160)

R. Burton (Weymouth)        3                    £25.00

Senior Tournament.

1st= A. Footner (Dorchester); C. Carr (Ashtead); T.Stuttard (Taunton); J. Dodgson (Sussex) & P. Stimpson (Guildford). All 4 pts.   £35.00

Grading prize (155 – 138)  M. Adams  (Sidmouth/Seaton) & P. Wood (Hastings) both    3½       £25.00

Grading prize (137 – 116) P. Wojcik (Taunton) £50.00

Grading prize (U-116) Hazel Welch (Seaton) 3  £50.00

WECU Ladies Champion, Hazel Welch, in last round action against Chris Carr

The Footner brothers met with varying fortunes on the last day.

Stimpson (l) and Dodgson's quick draw gets them to 4 points.

Bartlett & Yeo, 2nd & 1st in the "Juniors".

The chasing group, led by Ken Norman and Peter Wood.


In joint 1st place, Terry Stuttard, new face on the westcountry circuit but formerly active in Greater Manchester.

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