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100th British – Rd. 8

Old entry records smashed!

Now well into the 2nd week and there will not be many last minute  entries coming in, so it’s a good moment to take stock of the overall response to this 100th Championship.

This is the 4th time since 1997 that Torquay’s Riviera Centre has been the venue, and in the past this has almost guaranteed a total entry of about 1,000, although the record is held by Edinburgh 2003 at 1,009 entries. Last year there were 854 at N.Shields and in 2011 there were 951 at Sheffield. However, these numbers pale before this year’s total of 1,200 – a new record that will surely stand for decades to come.

Looking at the Seniors’ entries alone, their total of 108 for the 3 sections is as high as the total entry for some of the early years – pre-WW1

No Play-off!

It has always been the rule that there can only be one name on the Championship trophy. In recent years, where this has been necessary, it has been held immediately after the prizegiving is over. Throughout the final round, organisers offer up silent prayers that there will not be any play-off to hold up their getaway, but if there has to be one, please let it be only between two players, as three or four would take up most of the day.

Right from the start, the tie between Napier and Atkins was settled by a 4 game play-off …. the following year! The only exception to the one-winner rule was at Nottingham 1954 when Barden and Alan Phillips could not be separated after 10 play-off games, so it was left at 5-5 and they shared the title.

This year, however, for the first time, there is no provision for a play-off, raising  the possibility of there being 2 or 3 champions. How will this affect the top players’ inclination to offer or accept a draw in the last round when it could guarantee at least a share in the title, as opposed to a place in a play-off? Time will tell.

Rd. 8 starts:

The afternoon session started with a total of 346 players sat at their boards.

Many-times opponents Hebden & Arkell share a joke before the start.

Gawain Jones joins in.

Did someone call my name? Yes - it's the Game of the Day anouncement (Wells v Arkell)

Williams v Howell.

A handshake starts it.

Ghasi v Zhou

Mackle v Jones

Top boards in the Seniors: Colin Davison vs Ken Norman & Terry Stuttard vs David Friedmann.


At the end of the day, there was evidence of great commitment to the cause with only a single draw among all those with 5 points or more. This is how they finished:

Bd White     Black  
1 Williams 0-1 Howell 6
2 Hebden 1-0 Arkell
3 Ghasi ½-½ Zhou 5
4 Mackle 5 0-1 Jones 5
5 Kosten 5 0-1 Gordon 5
6 Gormally 5 1-0 Ward 5
7 Fernandez 5 0-1 Lalic 5
8 Longson 0-1 Palliser 5


1st Howell 7
2nd Hebden
3rd= Ghasi 6
  Jones 6
  Gordon 6
  Gormally 6
  Lalic 6
  Palliser 6

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