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100th British – Rd. 3 Pt. 2

What’s the problem?

Another of Stewart Reuben’s bright ideas for this 100th event is to have a problem-solving competition. He has collected a set of 10 and Trefor Thynne, President of the Torbay Chess League, has arranged to have them displayed in the windows of various shops, cafes, restaurants etc. around the town.

They are not problems in the manner of Comins Mansfield, that Devonian “Genius of the 2-mover”, who could challenge, tittilate and hope to defeat the world’s best solvers with his devilish constructions. These positions are meant to be accessible even to relative beginners, more likely to give pleasure at finding the correct move order, than frustration at an inability to do so.

To give an idea, here are 2 of the 10 to give you a taster. 

Problem 4 of 10. White mates in 2.

A pawn down, but White (to play) can win. How?

Who’s on-line in the mornings?

As the number of electronic boards goes up each year, the question arises of how to get the best use out of them. In recent years, they’ve generally hosted some of the junior sections, but this year, as an experiment, some of the other sections are getting their moment in the spotlight. Yesterday, for example, it was the turn of the U-140 Championship, with the result that, round about noon, Dave Gilbert, one of that number and an organiser of the 9 Man Simul , rushed into the Office, beaming widely, saying what a brilliant move it was, as within minutes he’d already had 2 congratulatory e-mails from friends and family who were following his victory live. 

Dave Clayton, the man in charge of the boards, tells me this week is an experiment to see how it goes. If successful, next week he may be able to predict which sections are featured live on the event website. However, the needs of the main Championship must always come first, and may affect what is possible in the mornings.

Round 3 Starts:

While some chessplayers were whizzing round in the Big Wheel, back at the ranch the afternoon events were getting under way. First of all, the previous day’s Best Game prize.

Did someone call my name?! Yang-fan Zhou hears of his Rd.2 Best Game Prize.

Gary Lane starts off against Stephen Gordon.

Dan Fernandez on his way to a win over the "Ginger GM", Simon Williams.


Bearded Richard Palliser on his way to the Rd. 3 Game of the Day vs Arkell.


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