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100th British – Day 10

Junior Prizewinners:

Here are some pleased-looking winners at their presentation last week.

Srinidhi Dwaraknathan: British Girls' U-8 Champion.

Chris Tombolis: British U-8 Champion (Joint)

Haolin Zhao; British U-8 Champion (Joint).

William Golding; British U-8 Champion (Joint).

Ranesh Ratnesan: British U-8 Champion (Joint)

Start of Rd. 10:

Winner of the Rd. 9 Game of the Day, Jonathan Hawkins gets his prize from Dave Clayton. Paul Talbot (r) approves.

Ghasi - Howell

Hebden - Zhou

Palliser - Jones

Arkell - Gordon

Meszaros - Lalic

Crowds watching the end of the Howell and Hebden games.

These games ended with the following results:-

  White       Black  
1 Ghasi (6½) 0 1 Howell (8)
2 Hebden (7) ½ ½ Zhou (6½)
3 Palliser (6½) 0 1 Jones (6½)
4 Arkell (6½) ½ ½ Gordon (6½)
5 Meszaros (6½) ½ ½ Lalic (6½)
6 Flear (6) 1 0 Hawkins (6)
7 Gomally (6) 1 0 Tambini (6)
8 Fernandez (6) 0 1 Wells (6)


Pos. Standings Tot
1st Howell 9
2nd= Jones
4th= Arkell 7
  Gordon 7
  Meszaros 7
  Lalic 7
  Flear 7
  Gormally 7
  Wells 7

All this means that David Howell has won the British Championship with a round to spare. In the final round the two top seeds meetat last, but it is too late for Jones to do anything about it. On the other hand, there should be quite a struggle among the other 7-pointers for a share of the prizemoney.

Now she knows there's a new trophy for the Senior Ladies, a cheeky smile from Dinah Norman suggests she might have a trick or two up her sleeve.

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